Types of Genetic Tests Available, and Why They Matter

Ancestry genetic testing is performed regularly for paternity court cases and for helping people trace their ancestors over thousands of years. At one time, genetic testing was an expensive and complex procedure but today, it is actually quite easy.

To learn about your family tree, there are two primary types of genetic ancestry testing. In addition to ancestor genetic testing companies, there are companies that specialize in the professional analysis of test results. These same companies also uncover information about ancestors without performing a DNA test.


The type of ancestry genetic testing done depends on the information that you want. However, because deciphering the tests is difficult, you would benefit greatly from a company that offers a professional analysis. For people interested in their family tree, both options matter because they provide answers.


For this test, 22 pairs of chromosomes that have no contribution to gender are tested. These inherited chromosomes come equally from both parents and relatively equally from grandparents and great-grandparents. In this case, inheritance is generally random and unequal from ancestors that are more distant.

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